“Business breakthroughs emerge from finding a faster, cheaper, better & easier way to perform a task”

Guided by this universal theory, UNIQUE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS was conceived with an undying commitment to engineering excellence.

Excellence that enables superior workmanship.
Excellence that ensures product reliability.
Excellence that transforms into customer satisfaction.

The Prime Objective of UNIQUE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS is to understand the customer needs, Design, Develop and promote machines complying to ISO & HACCP standards. which are User Friendly, Economical & Durable to the customer delight.

Our core Business products includes, Manufacturing and successful on site commissioning of the below mentioned machinery which are extensively used in Spices, Food, Beverage, Pesticides , Seeds, Pharma, Aqua Feeds, Paints, Oils etc..

• Auto Shrink Sleeve Applicators with Shrink Tunnels- Beverage & Food Industries.
• Lined Cartonators – Spices,Tea, Seeds & Food Industries.
• Mono Cartonators - (Vertical & Horizontol Cartonators) – Spices,Tea, Automotive Spares.
• Auto Batch Weighing systems - Aqua & Food Industries.
• Wide range of Fillers (servo) - Spices, Powders, Granules, Ghee & Liquids.
• Auto Filling & Capping Machines – For Paints, Edible oils.
• Customized / Tailor made Automations to meet customer requirements.

At the modern Manufacturing Unit in HYDERABAD the Process & Operations are supervised by highly Skilled and Enriched team of Engineers with more than 20 years of experience in their relevant fields.

Quality may be a art for others But, it is an habit for UNIQUE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS

A 24x7 well trained & committed Service Personnel offers excellent post sales support to its valued customers & ensures uninterrupted working of the machines.

UNIQUE PACKAGING SOLUTIONS continues to invest in and adopt the latest technology for creating superior products thereby enjoying the patronage of ever-growing list of customers.

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